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Concierge Services

Our Most Requested Personal Concierge Services


Travel Arrangement

We plan and execute your travel details, manage flights and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and schedule leisure activities. We will help you to obtain expedited passport services & documentation and vacation research.

  • Car Reservations
  • Yacht & Jet Charters
  • Transport selection
  • Hotel, Restaurant & Event Reservations
  • Detailed Itinerary creation

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Paraguay Residency and Citizenship

About Paraguay
Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America- bordered by Brazil (north and east), Argentina (south and southwest) and Bolivia (northwest and north). Its central location has earned it the nickname ‘The Heart of South America.’

With hardly any restrictions to settle on it, rich culture and history, a low tax system, and an affordable cost of living, Paraguay is a hidden gem- a magnificent country to discover, easy to live in. Permanent residency is becoming a more appealing option for investors and expats looking for a change of pace from busier and more expensive countries.

A Paraguayan passport is pretty decent. With this passport, you can access the EU, the UK, Ireland, and Russia. Furthermore, Paraguay belongs to the Mercosur- a South American trading block. Therefore, you can visit any country in South America with an ID card- no visa needed.

Permanent Residency in Paraguay
The immigration policies set by the government of Paraguay prove that immigrants are welcomed with open arms and warm smiles. Acquiring permanent residency in Paraguay is a simple- straight forward process. Unlike other South American countries, the process is timeefficient and can take as little as three months to process your application. Acquiring a permanent residency automatically qualifies you for a Paraguayan ID. The ID card enables you to pay taxes. Before making an application, you are required to make an up-front deposit of USD 5000 to the Paraguayan Central Bank. Once you are granted permanent residency, you can withdraw that amount in full. The Paraguayan permanent residence permit does not require renewal - you have to visit the country once every three years to keep the permit current.

What about Citizenship?
Having a permanent residency does not qualify you automatically for citizenship. The Paraguayan constitution dictates that permanent residents are eligible for citizenship after three years. Before getting Paraguayan citizenship, you have to establish that you have ties to the country.

This can be in the form of:
  • Owning a real estate
  • Owning a local company
  • Constant monetary residence
  • Regular exercise of a profession

Why Paraguay?
Today, Paraguay provides the best investment climate in the region. According to ECLAC, Paraguay is the second country with the best Return on Investment in the entire South American block. As a result, Paraguay enjoys a more stable, reliable, predictable, and solvent economy.

In addition to the stable economy, residents of Paraguay enjoy a low cost of living. The cost of housing and food is way cheaper in Paraguay as compared to North America and other parts of Europe. These lower living costs apply to learning institutions as well- which is why international student flock Paraguay in search of tertiary education.

Lastly, the tax system is also a part of the fascial benefit residents find appealing here. The Paraguayan government only taxes a flat rate of 10% on income and personal gains earned in the country.

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Medical Concierge

Our Medical Concierge plans connects our Beverly Hills and other Los Angeles physicians to our local and Out of Town clientele patients.

We offer lodging, restaurant, and activities recommendations to ensure a memorable pre and post surgical experience for our out-of-town patients.

Our Medical Concierge Services include:
  • After Care
  • Flight arrangements
  • Hotel booking
  • Car service, ground transport
  • Pet Sitting
  • And …more!

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Immigration Services

Our Immigration Concierge Services are designed to streamline your residency and lifestyle status in USA. From Housing, Job, Business ownership, Academics, Medical needs,Taxes and many Social, Cultural and Community aspirations, we make sure your first impression of USA is of the highest level and with great joy and comfort.

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Tour Services

Our Tours are designed for Local Residents and Visiting Guests. We assign you personal and corporate concierge team to make sure your tour will be as bold and adventurous or as relaxing as you like.

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How do I Know What and Where to Study?

Have you graduated from high school? Are you looking forward to joining a university or college in the United States? Do you know what to study or where to study it? Making the wrong decision in your selection can cost you both time and resources if you end up dropping out or switching courses in the middle. It is, therefore, imperative to consider consultation if you are not sure what to do or which university to attend. At A2Z Concierge, we offer college and university counsel for fresh high school graduates. We have a comprehensive database of over 1000 colleges and universities and several approved courses.

At A2Z Concierge, we present you with a simple way of searching for your desired course, university or college. Our searches are simple, timely, intuitive, and summarized. Our extensive network of approachable professionals will help you identify the right career path and securing the right learning institutions, as well as assist you in drafting an acceptable personal statement. Come prepare yourself for the big journey ahead. Join our college and university consultation program today. WE ADVICE, YOU MAKE A CHOICE

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